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About Us :

BES Teachers Training Institute - Principal
BES Teacher’s Training Institute was established during the year 2004-2005 by Bharath Education Society. The college has highly qualified, efficient, ethical and dedicated teaching staff. They put forth collective efforts to infuse courage and confidence in students in order to achieve astounding results. College in these academic years, 13 batches of students have passed out of the institution with several distinctions. College has been one of the top ten colleges in the state of Karnataka. It has secured 98% to 100% first classes especially for the past five Twelve years. It is a pride to mention that the college has many rank holders for its credit. The institution continues to strive hard to achieve Excellency in Teacher education.

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Vision :

The institution is committed to offer qualitative pre-service teacher development course with a special focus on intellectual and professional development of the D.El.Ed trainees, endearing to provide equal and fair access to wisdom and opportunities especially to the disadvantaged, the minority, the women and the other weaker sections of the society, by leveraging technology and to prepare world class teachers.

Mission :

The trainees are motivated to enrich their knowledge, skills and attitude for teacher development programme, provide adequate knowledge in information and communication to face the future challenges in their career, resolve local, national, global cultural, psychological, ecological and pedagogical issues involving all the stake holders, besides fostering win-win attitude among the student-trainees through emerging trends, innovations and leveraging technologies.

Values :

The institution is endearing earnestly to empower the student –teachers with values such as democratic, theological, cultural, Economic and Universal values viz peace, truth, Non-violence, righteous conduct, brotherhood and secularism through pre-service Teacher development programmes.

Objectives :

The student trainees to:

Members of Governing Council :

1.Sri M Rajashekara ReddyChairman
2.Sri M KrishnadasEx-Officio Member and Secretary, BES
3.Sri K RamuMember
4.Sri B C Shivalinge GowdaMember
5.Smt Sudha DattuMember
6.Sri G N R MohanMember
7.Sri K.C Mahesh Principal/Convener

Courses Offered :

BES Teachers Training Institute4
The duration of the D El Ed course is 2 years.
In the first year the trainees should study Introduction to Education, Facilitating learning in First language Kannada, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Communication skill in English, Educational assessment & evaluation and Action Research. Along with curricular subjects, the trainees should also study the co-curricular subjects like Arts in education and physical education.
In the second year they have to study one general subject education as practice, kannada, English along with 1 of 3 methods of teaching (1.Social Studies, General Science or Mathematics) Along with curricular subjects, the trainees should also study the co-curricular subjects like Physical & Health Education, Education for Peace, Work Education, Action Research, Art of Education & Computer Education.
To enhance the proficiency in teaching skills, the trainees undergo micro teaching skills, prior to this, Demonstration by the resource persons or experienced lecturers will be conducted.
Within the duration of the course, the trainees should give nearly 70 lessons for both primary & higher primary classes. Mean-while they undergo internship training programme for about 1 months in some of the reputed Government, Aided & private lower & higher primary schools.
Other than these activities Educational excursions, cultural activities, NSS, Sports & Literary Competitions, Seminars, Debates, Group discussions, Guest Lectures are also conducted.

Sanctioned programme along with intake

College is permitted by NCTE to run Two years D.El.Ed programme with annual intake of 50 students of one unit from an every academic year. 25 students are sent by the government through Centralized Admission Cell (CAC) by online applications (www.schoo leducation.kar.nic.in). 25 students are selected by the management on first come first serve basis.

Facilities :

Class Rooms

Adequate Number of Spacious and well ventilated classroom with required furniture.


Well stacked library with wide collection of multiple text books, INFLIBNET facility, National journals reference books, magazines new letters, new papers etc. Number of books available in the library are 11, 655 with 10 journals along with CD’s, Computers with Internet. Well ventilated library has adequate space with additional reading room with other required facilities. At present it is partially digitalized.

Computer Laboratory


Our college has a computer laboratory equipped with 25 latest high end configuration Computer's with all supporting softwares. All the computers are linked to high speed internet. We have an UPS with back up facility for four hours.

Most of our teachers are computer literates and take part actively in training our students in their respective subjects.

Kannada Laboratory

Our kannada lab has a number of innovative teaching models prepared by our students. They are very useful in teaching during practice in teaching sessions of our pupil teachers.

Our kannada methodology students put these models to use and make their teaching sessions very enjoyable for the primary school students.

Psychology Laboratory

The BES organizes functions collectively on behalf of its institutions to celebrate National Festivals like the Independence Day, Republic day, Gandhi Jayanthi, Ambedkar Jayanthi & Kannada Rajyothsava. All members of the management join the students and the staff in such celebrations. Participation of staff and students of all institutions is of course mandatory.

Co-Curricular Activities

Psychology lab is established as per the requirement prescribed in the Bangalore University. The purpose of psychology lab is to provide:
The trainees conduct experiments in the lab under the guidance of psychology lecturers. The psychology lab is well equipped and the materials available for conducting psychology experiments are:


Our college has a well equipped Auditorium named after our Hon. Secretary Marudevegowda Rangamandira. This auditorium is shared by other institutions in the campus. It is an open auditorium and accommodates about 1000 audience.

Seminar Hall

Our college has seminar hall in the 1st floor. It has an oval shaped table around which 250 participants can sit comfortably during seminars.
Screens for OHP and LCD projectors are provided. Comfortable Steel chairs with hand rest of high quality are also provided.Fans, tiled roof make our seminar hall very attractive.

Medical Check up

Every year once in an academic year medical examination is conducted by qualified medical practitioners.

C.C.T.V facility

This facility available as safety measure in the classrooms, Corridors, laboratories, Office room and Library.

Rest Room

Adequate numbers of rest rooms are available for staff and students.


Adequate number of equipment’s and furniture with sufficient space are available in all the below mentioned laboratories.

Physical Science Laboratory


Biological Science Laboratory


ICT Laboratory with Net facility


Social Science Laboratory


Psychology Laboratory


Language Laboratory

Games and sports facilities



Faculty and staff details :

Teaching faculty

Sl.no Name Designation Qualification Scale of pay photo
1 K.C.MAHESH Principal M.A(His), M.A(Po Sc), M.Ed., M.Phil Consolidated pay K.C.MAHESH
2 N.N.Doddamogegowda Kannada Lecturer M.A(Ed). M.A.(Kannada), M.Phil Consolidated pay N.N.Doddamogegowda
3 Venkatareddy R Science Lecturer M.Sc., M.Ed. Consolidated pay Venkatareddy R
4 B.A.Ramachandrappa Social studies Lecturer M.A(Ed). M.A(Eco) Consolidated pay Ramachandrappa
5 Uma. R Mathematics Lecturer M.Sc., M.Ed. Consolidated pay Uma. R
6 Irfan Mohiddin Khan English Lecturer M.A., M.Ed Consolidated pay Irfan Mohiddin Khan
7 Prakash. B Physical Education M.P.Ed., M.Phil Consolidated pay Prakash
8 Savitha. P Computer Education MCA Consolidated pay Savitha
9 Smt. Archana H.S Librarian M.Lib.Sc. Consolidated pay archana
9 Nagarathna R FDA B'Com Consolidated pay Nagarathna

Government fees: Un-Aided Colleges

Types Of Colleges Category Of Seats Kind Of Fee (Rs Per Annum)
Tuition Development Total
Private (Unaided) Government Seats
2000 8000 10000
Management Seats 8000 8000 16000

Common to All Category of seats in all types of Teachers Training Institutions

Sl No Types of Fee Quantum Of fees (in Rs)
1 Medical Examination fee 25.00
2 SWF (For 2 Years) 30.00
3 TBF (For 2 Years) 30.00
4 N. F.T.W ( For 2 Years Teachers Day Flag 30.00
5 Magazine Fee 50.00
6 Admission Fee 100.00
7 Sports Fee 100.00
8 Arts & Drawing fee 100.00
9 SUPW fee 100.00
10 AVE 100.00
11 Examination Fee 100.00
12 Union Fee 100.00
13 Reading Room Fee 200.00
14 Laboratory Fee 200.00
15 Citizen Fee 200.00
16 Library fee 200.00
17 Maintenance & Equipment fee 300.00
Total : 1965 .00

Eligibility criteria for Admission

Students details

I year

Sl.no Name of Student Qualification Percentage Date of Admission
1 BHANU S II PUC 79.67% 03.05.2018
2 CHAITHRA K II PUC 73.33% 24.05.2018
3 PREETHI K II PUC 70.83% 14.05.2018
4 KAVYA M II PUC 67.83% 02.05.2018
5 SAGAR M.N II PUC 67.00% 03.05.2018
6 SUGUNA S II PUC 66.50% 05.04.2018
7 AYYAMMA M II PUC 65.67% 03.05.2018
8 GAYITHRI B II PUC 64.33% 02.05.2018
9 JYOTHI B II PUC 63.33% 05.05.2018
10 HUSENBHASHA II PUC 62.00% 08.05.2018
11 SANNAMMA NS II PUC 61.33% 15.05.2018
12 USHA S II PUC 60.33% 04.05.2018
13 SHAMALA Y.C II PUC 59.50% 02.05.2018
14 ANITHA J II PUC 59.00% 24.05.2018
15 RADHIKA A.M. II PUC 58.17% 02.05.2018
16 BHAVANI B.P II PUC 57.50% 08.05.2018
17 SINDHU A II PUC 57.00% 02.05.2018
18 SHOBHA J II PUC 56.50% 03.05.2018
19 POOJA J II PUC 55.17% 25.05.2018
20 REKHA R.Y II PUC 54.50% 03.05.2018
21 SHASHIKALA M II PUC 51.50% 09.04.2018
22 PUSHPAVATHI S II PUC 51.33% 24.04.2018
23 RAMYA M II PUC 49.33% 23.05.2018
24 AISHWARYA II PUC 48.67% 24.05.2018
25 PRAGATHI H M II PUC 46.50% 09.05.2018
26 RUPA M II PUC 53.17% 05.09.2018
27 AMREEN Y II PUC 68.17% 03.09.2018
29 APPU K.K II PUC 59.67% 03.09.2018
30 MAMATHA R II PUC 57.00% 04.09.2018
31 LAVANYA B II PUC 53.67% 04.09.2018
32 GIRIJADEVI S II PUC 53.33% 08.09.2018
33 KAVITHA V II PUC 52.83% 11.09.2018
34 LEELAVATHI D II PUC 52.00% 06.09.2018
35 BABY K.N II PUC 51.33.% 03.09.2018
36 ROSY G II PUC 52.83% 03.09.2018
37 VINUTHA V II PUC 50.33% 03.09.2018
38 MONISHA II PUC 49.33% 05.09.2018
39 NITYA K II PUC 48.67% 01.09.2018
40 VINUTHA .M.N II PUC 47.33% 05.09.2018
41 NATARAJ R II PUC 46.83% 01.09.2018
42 ROHIT T II PUC 46.17% 01.09.2018
43 PRIYANKA K II PUC 45.50% 11.09.2018
44 RENUKA A. II PUC 52.33% 11.09.2018

II year

Sl.no Name of Student Qualification Percentage Date of Admission
1 AKHILA V I D.El.Ed 90.63% 02.07.2019
2 AMRUTHA N I D.El.Ed 84.63% 03.07.2019
3 ANITHA B I D.El.Ed 84.75% 03.07.2019
4 ANITHA D I D.El.Ed 86.25% 04.07.2019
5 ARPITHA M I D.El.Ed 89.38% 02.07.2019
6 ASHA A I D.El.Ed 86.75% 04.07.2019
7 GEETHA M I D.El.Ed 83.38% 03.07.2019
8 HEMADRI I D.El.Ed 93.75% 04.07.2019
9 JYOTHISHREE B I D.El.Ed 81.25% 02.07.2019
10 KAVYA M I D.El.Ed 85.25% 08.07.2019
11 LAKSHMI R I D.El.Ed 84.38% 07.07.2019
12 LAVANYA N I D.El.Ed 82.50% 05.07.2019
13 MAHALAKSHMI D I D.El.Ed 83.88% 03.07.2019
14 MAMATHA A I D.El.Ed 87.13% 04.07.2019
15 NANDINI L I D.El.Ed 81.25% 09.07.2019
16 NANDINI S R I D.El.Ed 87.50% 08.07.2019
17 POOJA I D.El.Ed 81.88% 09.07.2019
18 POOJA A R I D.El.Ed 85.25% 08.07.2019
19 RAMYA C I D.El.Ed 82.25% 07.07.2019
20 RAMYA R I D.El.Ed 85.50% 10.07.2019
21 RATHNAMMA N I D.El.Ed 78.63% 11.07.2019
22 ROOPA B I D.El.Ed 87.00% 12.07.2019
23 SHRUTHI J I D.El.Ed 83.75% 13.07.2019
24 SHYALAJA S I D.El.Ed 87.50% 11.07.2019
25 SOWJANYA I D.El.Ed 91.25% 10.07.2019
26 SOUMYA BAI I D.El.Ed 85.63% 05.07.2019
27 SUMITHRA N I D.El.Ed 89.50% 03.07.2019
28 YALAMMA B I D.El.Ed 82.38% 04.07.2019


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